Every Child Has a Story.

Every Child Has a Story.

"It's not enough to love the children, it is necessary that they are aware they are loved." - St. John Bosco

While each child that attends St. Dominique  has their own unique story, they  share a common love for our school.  This is because our school provides each girl and boy with much more than education and meals.  St. Dominique School provides a loving, and safe, environment of support and friends.  For many of our children, it is the only place where they feel secure enough to dream of a better life. 

Stecie Saint-Philippe

Stecie, seven years old,  is a 1st year Fundamental student.  She lives with her mother, aunt and grandmother.  She is open, cheeful and considerate.  She says she loves the food at St. Dominic School  and hopes that school will always remain open "for the survival of the students". 

Richecardo Balam

In his 1st Fundamental year at St. Dominique School, seven-year old Richecardo has been afflicted with severe vision impairment since birth.  Recently, Providence Haiti Outreach funded his first trip to an eye doctor and he has upcoming surgery to correct his vision. 

His mother died when he was 4 and has never know his father.  He lives with his grandparents who have "execeptional affection" for St. Dominique School. Despite his hardships, Richecardo has many friends at the school and loves to play. The teachers are very patient with him giving him as much extra support as possible. Read Richecardo's story here.

Dieulouis Jean Pierre

In his 6th Fundamental year at the school, Dieulouis is 14 years old.  Fatherless from his earliest childhood, his mother left him in the care of his grandmother and godmother. His has four siblings which makes it very difficult for to have their basic needs met. 

However, Dieulouis has enormous energy and many talents. Outgoing and a good student, he aspires to be doctor one day.  


Abigail Lambert 

Eleven-year old Abigail is in her 5th Fundamental year at the St. Dominique School.  She has never know her father's identity and lives with her mother, seven-year old brother who also attends our school, as well as her uncles and aunts. 

Abigail does very well in school and is helpful and kind.  Always cheerful, she says that the school "is the best because it has very good teachers."  She dreams of going to university and becoming a nurse. 

Wander St. Louis

Wander is nineteen and in the New Secondary III class at St. Dominique School.  Motherless and abandoned by his father, he was taken in by his sister.  It is a very difficult situation.  He tries very hard to live in harmony with his family, but leads a lonely life "due to the weight of his problems."

Wander has great love for the school and has many ideas for future improvements such as a place for just for the preschoolers to play and rest.  Wander dreams of being a diplomat. 

Nephtalie Plaismond

Ten-year old Nephtalie is in her 3rd Fundamental year at our school. Her father is taxi driver and her mother died of cancer last year.  She lives with her grandparents and has health issues that include headaches and fever. 

Nephtalie's young life has been very hard, but she remains cheerful and hardworking.  She says she loves the food at school. Her dream is to finish her classical studies and go on to work in medicine.  

You Can Make a Difference

For just $20 a month, you can make a huge impact on lives of these beautiful children.  While they all live in hardship, their hope and spirit is inspirational.