Waiting for Your Help

Waiting for Your Help

Sponsor A Child. Change a Life.  

Today, Providence Haiti Outreach feeds and educates 700 children each day from K-12.  With your help, we can do more.  As a Student Sponsor, you will unlock to the door to a brighter future for a child - and generations to come. For only $20 per month, you cover the complete cost of one child's education.  This amount includes daily nutritious meals, books and campus healthcare.  You can also choose to sponsor school and campus projects which helps the entire community. 

We thank you for your generosity and for letting our children know that they are loved. 

Providence Haiti Outreach is a charitable 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.   Donations made are tax-deductible.  Our Federal Tax ID is 05-0458681.

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You will pay $ once.

You will pay $ monthly, $ total over months.

You will pay $ monthly, $ total over months.

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