We See the Whole Child.

We See the Whole Child.

Providence Haiti Outreach Accomplishments

 "Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ."            Galatians 6:2

Providence Haiti Outreach supports the whole child approach to learning.  Quality education happens when childlren are healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged. This is why our goals and projects for St. Dominique School incorporate the whole village of Marigot.  Your donation, of any amount, goes directly to support our school and children. No red tape. 



We opened our doors to 200 elementary students and have grown to campus of 700 children, from kindergarten to Grade 12.  Many of our graduates have been able to pursue professions that help support their entire family.  Some even teach at our school. 



We provide 700 nutritious, home-cooked meals per day; 3500  per week; 140,000 per year.  This is often the only meal the children eat each day.  Food is prepared in new kitchen and students enjoy meals in a comfortable cafeteria.



We provide healthcare screenings and education to every child from K-12. The school infirmary and nurse staff are available every day.  Our hope is to expand our diagnostic and treatment capabilities. 



Helping the children of Marigot includes helping their families. We installed and maintain a water purification system and cistern that providese a daily  supply of clean water for the entire village. 

  • 2021 Congratulations to our second class of graduating seniors! 
  • 2020 100% of students taking final secondary exam passed! 
  • 2018 New computer lab built with 39 computers, a 64" monitor, new metal desks, and security gates to keep equipment safe. A new technology teacher was hired.
  • 2018 Rhode Island students donated a large shipment of school supplies to the children of St. Dominique School.
  • 2017  New High School constructed that continues education to completion of 12th grade. Goal is to prepare students for employable trades such as electrician, bricklayer, mechanic, seamstress, etc.


  • 2020  School Nurse initiates new sanitation program: A Healthy Body in a Healthy Environment.  Diagnostic campaigns for visual and oral health are being planned. 
  • 2017 Rice and beans for the entire village of Marigot was sent following the devastation of Hurricane Matthew
  • 2016 GSAP Microflush Toilets developed by Providence College's Dr. Stephen Mecca and his students, and supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, these off-grid, sustainable and environmental toilets have been created to improve the terrible sanitation conditions in countries such as Haiti.  The PHO Board asked Dr. Mecca to visit Marigot where he trained local residents to construct the toilets, with local materials, for the school and village. 
  • 2010 Water Purification system was installed with a cistern provides clean water to all the families and children of Marigot. Groundwater in Haiti is not safe to drink. 

Campus & Community 

  • 2020 New Infirmary was built. Under supervision of a doctor, the school nurse helps in prevention, diagnosis and care of the children. 
  • 2020  Library was created. 
  • 2019 Kitchen with modernized equipment and new cafeteria was built where children can eat in clean, safe environment year round. 
  • 2019 New basketball court was completed.
  •  2018 New Generator was purchased to power the new computer lab and prevent disruption of education due to frequent power outages in Haiti. 
  • 2017 Hurricane Matthew spared the school, but destroyed homes, crops and animals of Marigot.  Residents sheltered in the well-constructed buildings of St. Dominque and were spared.  PHO sent funds to pay for wood, metal and tools needed to rebuild homes. 
  • 500 pairs of donated sneakers were shipped from Rhode Island to Marigot.

Future Plans

The generosity and support of our donors have allowed to us to grow our capacity to educate and support St. Dominique and the village of Marigot each year.  Our current plans include building a new road to the school and creating a football (soccer) field.  Our new Sponsor Program enables you to designate your donation to student support or campus projects.