As a Sponsor, You Make All the Difference.

As a Sponsor, You Make All the Difference.

 Whether you choose to sponsor student education or programs and projects, every dollar of your designated gift helps to transform the lives of St. Dominique School and the Marigot community. 

 "God loves those who find joy in giving."  - Pope John Paul II

Student Sponsorship

 As a Providence Haiti Outreach Student Sponsor, you are directly impacting the life of one child.  With your donation of $20 per month, you are fully covering the cost of one child's high quality education.  It also covers daily nutritious meals, books and school supplies, computer lab access, and campus health program.   You are unlocking the door to an individual child's brighter future. 

As a Student Sponsor, you will receive periodic updates on student progress and pictures of students and a special a e-newsletter.   At Christmas, you will receive a personalized greeting card from one of St. Dominique's students.  Most importantly, you are making a difference one child at a time.  




School and Campus Programs Sponsorship

Over the past 30 years, generous supporters have allowed Providence Haiti Outreach to expand St. Dominique's programs and cover day-to-day operating expenses.  We have several projects planned for the near future.  With your help they can be accomplished. 

As a School and Campus Program Sponsor, you can be confident that 100% of your donation will be designated for our projects or services. With your donation of $20 per month, you will receive progress reports and photos of these special projects within an e-newsletter created especially for our sponsors.  It is a great opportunity to give a special gift to friends and family, or to honor the memory of a loved one. 

2021 Projects and Services

  • Father Giudice Memorial Drive 
  • Pat Pezzelli Memorial Football Field
  • Uniform Initiative
  • School Nurse and Infirmary
  • Teachers Salaries and Support
  • Resources and Supplies