Lighting the Way to Hope for Haiti's Children

Lighting the Way to Hope for Haiti's Children

Esther Needs Your Help

Our Challenge Now 

Dear Friend,

As we move forward, our main challenge is to meet the basic needs of our expanding number of children at this time of unparalleled humanitarian crisis in Haiti. The terrifying gang violence in Port au Prince is affecting the entire country. Families are fleeing for their lives or hiding at home. Cholera is on the rise. Gas, if one can obtain it, is $35 a gallon.

While St. Dominique started the school year late, the doors opened and we have been able to provide our children, and those of two smaller schools, with safe havens. Haiti is now considered the second most food insecure country in the world. We have addressed this food challenge with extra food distribution to the village and surrounding communities.

Providence Haiti Outreach is committed to our school and children.  For many, the question may be "Why help Haiti now when so many other humanitarian crises exist?".  My answer is "Because we can absolutely guarantee you that your donation will directly reach Father Andre Leveille, our trusted Director of St. Dominique School."  We speak every week and we respond to ever changing needs to the best of our ability.

The needs of our school and children are great - and costs continue to increase. We ask that you please support our success story, and help us grow and continue our legacy! 

Whether you give once on this Giving Tuesday, or give all year as a Student Sponsor, you are giving a gift that truly makes a difference in the lives of our children. 

On behalf of Providence Haiti Outreach and the children of Haiti we serve, thank you. 

Susan K. Whipple

Director/Board Chair

Our Legacy

Thirty years ago, our founders Father Francis Giudice, Pat Pezzelli and Ken O'Grady opened the St. Dominique School in Marigot, Haiti for 50 elementary age children.  Since then, we have grown to serve over 800 children from kindegarten through Grade 12.

We are a small, volunteer non-profit and the only means of financial support for this school and children we educate, feed and clothe every day.  


With the help of generous friends and supportors, we have:

  • Educated 14,000 children since our founding
  • Served 16,000+ free meals per month
  • Installed a water filtration system to support the entire village
  • Achieved a 92% graduation rate (vs. 12.5 national average)
  • Built a soccer field, computer lab, infirmary and library
  • Purchased a school bus and improved roads for reduced dust-related health concerns and safe travel
  • Created a Sponsor a Child Program - $20 per month to educate and feed one child